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Manufacturing Support

We provide New Product Introduction Services to get you from the design concept to the production line.

New Product Introduction

The best solutions start with manufacturing knowledge incorporated into the very early concept stage of design where it matters most. Did you know 70% of a product cost is locked in during the early design stage of a product development process? Our experience and process will reduce development time and cost.

Our Commercialization Expert helps you get to Market, in many ways.

Select Off the Shelf Components Early

It is important to find reliable part suppliers locally and globally. The Design team begins a design with the right information on potential parts that can be used. When we select suppliers and parts early on it reduces churn during downstream development, prototyping and testing. Changing parts late in a design process will create cost of redesign of other parts that are affected by the change.

Mechanical Part Sourcing

We identify off the shelf (OTS) and custom modified off the shelf (COTS) plastic, metal, rubber and composite parts that get manufactured by many suppliers through many processes including molding, machining, forming, casting and rapid prototyping. Finding the right component for a specific function and meeting target cost can be very challenging. Knowing where to look and who to ask is very important and requires experience and knowledge. We bring this to clients with 29 years in product development.

Electrical / Electronic Part Sourcing

We provide electronic component design and sourcing including printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), cables, connectors, switches, displays and many other electronic components. In many cases a component will need modifications. We have designed from scratch many components and modified others to suit a particular application. Identifying and working with the selected supplier we create the documentation necessary to manage and control the quality and delivery of the new custom or OTS component.

High level Key Item Cost Estimates

Our clients benefit from our knowledge as we can provide early initial estimates of major parts and components. This allows early product cost estimating for business planning purposes. Getting parts and custom tooling cost targets early helps the business planning for unit cost and pricing. Cost estimating is essential for the design team to make appropriate decisions they look at alternative approaches to the new product design.

Part Supply Logistic Planning

As early as possible it helps to examine options around where the product will be manufactured. We look at North America - Asia – Mexico in many product designs. What volumes are expected and what materials will be used will help with the early stage design, manufacture and business planning.

Find the best fit Contract Manufacturer

There are several choices on what type of assembly contractor will build your product in volumes from 100’s to 100,000’s of units. We bring information to the table to help you explore alternatives.

Part of our integrated, full range of product development services.

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