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Industrial Design Services

Our design team has 29 years of Product Design and Engineering experience, helping clients bring their physical product ideas to market.

Designing your New Product

A well thought through design can deliver an enjoyable easy to use product and is an important advantage in a competitive market.

We help you Expand Solutions for your Idea

After requirements and identifying a target user, the Design continues with sketching visual concepts of potential solutions. The team creates appealing product models and integrates these concept ideas with practical and feasible engineering architectures. The solutions are captured in quick 3D CAD models to allow feedback from clients, users and other stakeholders.

Latest Creativity Tools

Many concepts can be reviewed and modified in a short time frame using expert knowledge and the latest tools to end up with a great product solution for your innovative idea.

Our Industrial Design Services Include:

  • Design Requirement Brief
  • Design sketching to explore potential Concept Solutions
  • 3D CAD concepts to better define concepts
  • Image ‘Beauty Renders’ and animations of concepts that realistically depict the product and use
  • Creation of brand elements such as logos, labels, graphics, colors and other aesthetic elements
  • Specific human factors and ergonomics knowledge
  • Part, color, finish, branding and materials specifications that give a product its WOW factor
  • Creation of unique, professional product packaging and graphics and documentation

Our company and staff are certified with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and with ACIDO Certified Industrial Designers of Ontario.


Part of our integrated, full range of product development services.

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