Product Development Services

Turnkey new product design, or a flexible extension of your in-house team. We provide value at every step.

Our Process

Lean Product Design yields better results and reduces risk.

Our process has been refined over hundreds of projects. It is based on rapid iterations that produce concrete ideas and tangible prototypes that can be viewed, assessed, tested, and refined.

Using our proven, affordable step-by-step process, we work with you to create the product, packaging, and business presentation you need to confidently pursue your business goals, knowing you have access to engineering, design and commercialization support at all times.



We have the tools to work remotely with you.

Being in different cities is not an obstacle to finding the best team to help you bring your product to market. Our no-cost online whiteboard meeting tools enable us to help you to make better decisions, faster. We can sketch, present, review ideas, make changes, and approve updates dynamically with you on any phone call or during the weekly project review meeting.

We have built simple and complex products with over 50 clients from coast to coast and are experts at not letting distance get in the way of a strong working relationship and an excellent product solution.



Research your category and lay solid project plans.

Our cost-effective up-front research provides a clearer picture of your competition, pricing options, patent roadblocks and openings, customer demand, licensing, marketing and sales opportunities, and more.

Armed with these insights, we can work with you to set your overall innovation strategy, confidently refine product feature priorities, set cost targets, identify the most promising creative and technical directions, and establish a solid project plan.


planning product development


Transform your vision into a beautiful product.

Our Lean Product Design process is a proven, efficient method for harnessing our creative and technical capabilities to give your ideas life.

Whether in the same room or collaborating from a distance with our state-of-the-art conferencing and communications tools, we work closely with you and your team to brainstorm, develop concepts, and iteratively discover the best product design solutions.



Create products that perform on every level.

Your new product must exceed user expectations about performance, quality, and cost. It may also need to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Our expert engineering team has the analysis tools and technical expertise to help you reduce risk and quickly solve the toughest problems. Tricky assembly and fit; sophisticated materials selection; novel manufacturing processes; complex stress, thermal, vibration, or dynamics concerns – whatever your technical hurdles are, we can help.



Electronics Design

Add intelligence and connectivity to your product.

From industrial instruments and medical devices to Internet-connected consumer products and everything between, we have the electrical and electronics design experience to reliably deliver the whole market-ready product.

Our engineering team has proven methodologies, intimate knowledge of the latest standards and frameworks, and years of experience designing, testing, and certifying hardware, firmware, and software applications.



Show and validate your design, reduce your risk.

Prototypes are essential when developing physical products. With our in-house modeling and fabrication capabilities, and our established network of reliable prototype suppliers, we have built thousands of models and prototypes for all kinds of physical products and demonstration units.

We create virtual renderings, physical benchmodels and fully functional prototypes to help demonstrate your product prior to manufacturing.



Win valuable patents, avoid costly infringements.

Patents can strengthen your competitive position and dramatically boost your shareholder value. On the other hand, patent infringement can be one of your biggest risks.

Products we helped design have won over 130 valuable patents. We have also helped companies avoid infringing the patents of others on thousands of occasions. We are skilled at identifying new patentable features and helping you reduce the cost and risk associated with the patenting process.



Quickly get your design into reliable production.

To design a great product, you have to know the process. 70% of a product's cost is typically locked-in during the early design stage, so we start to apply our extensive knowledge of manufacturing right at the beginning of your project.

We then consult with component suppliers and product assembly contract manufacturers or your in-house production team throughout the design and new product introduction process to minimize cost and maximize ease of manufacturing.




Brand, present, and sell your new product.

Once you have a new product design, it needs to be effectively branded, presented, and sold.

Through our in-house capabilities and our network of experienced sales and marketing professionals, we can help develop compelling packaging, logos, product positioning, and presentations. We can also help you identify and pursue lucrative licensing, marketing and distribution opportunities.




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